CBSE Class 12 Geography: Tips to score well in your Board Exams

Hello, everyone Today I am going to share some exciting facts on the CBSE Class 12 Geography Tips of 17th March 2018 to score well in your Board Exams.CBSE Class 12 Geography: Tips to score well in your Board Exams

CBSE Class 12 Geography: Tips to score well in your Board Exams : CBSE Class 12 Geography Tips of 17th March 2018

An essential element of Social Studies in Geography. With the CBSE Class 12th exams approaching, a thorough study plan which helps you to prepare for your Geography exam. Here are some tips:

SYLLABUS (theory):

PART A: Fundamentals of Human Geography – 35 Marks

Unit 1: Human Geography (3 marks)

Unit 2: People (5 marks)

Unit 3: Human Activities (10 marks)

Unit 4: Transport, Communication & Trade (10 marks)

Unit 5: Human settlements (5 marks)

Unit 6: Map Work (2 marks)

PART B. India: People and Economy 35 – Marks

Unit 7: People (5 marks)

Unit 8: Human Settlements (4 marks)

Unit 9: Resources and Development (12 scores)

Unit 10: Transport, Communication and International Trade (7 marks)

Unit 11: Geographical Perspective on selected issues and problems (4 marks)

Unit 12: Map Work (3 marks)

Total: 70 Marks

TIPS to follow:

–    The Best way to begin is by more attentive in the class and taking any notes you feel which are relevant that is in addition to the records given by the teacher.

–    Prepare a study schedule prioritizing on the topics according to a marks weight and difficulty.

–    Focus on preparing from NCERT books and should take help from other books for the reference.

–    Try to find the links between the chapters as that will help you to remember the information more efficiently.

–    Use natural ways to memorize concepts such as flash cards which is to help you to remember the details.

–    Don’t try to memorize a complete answer. Try to remember the essential points and then, elaborate them in your own words.

–    Practice the questions which are relating to the maps all through the year as cramming locations just before the exam that will not help.

–    Read the text at least thrice and try to summarize it in your words.

–    Keep at least two months for the revision.

–    Before you begin the revision, attempt a few previous year papers and ask your teacher to point out your mistakes. That will more help you to spot your weak points and do your revision accordingly.

–    Prepare a new study schedule, keeping the time for both natural and challenging chapters.

–    When you study, to begin with, a natural chapter first to help to boost your confidence, and then tackle the difficult topics.

–    Create the flow-charts for quick revisions.

–    Try the group study with your friends by preparing a topic each to explain and discuss with your batch mates.

–    Solve the previous year papers/ sample papers to identify the trends and to practice them on writing your answers according to the given word limits.

–    Be clear when the answering questions to avoid writing the long paragraphs.

–    Put in your best efforts for the practical segment. The 30 marks give a significant increase in your overall percentage in subject Geography.

Suggesting Books:

Class 12th NCERT Books for the Geography

Physical Geography -Savindra Singh

Physical Geography – Made simple series – Rupa Publications

Economic & Commercial Geography – Made Simple Series – Rupa Publications

Human and Economic Geography – Leong & Morgan

Human Geography – Majid Hussain

Geographical thoughts – Majid Hussain

Geography of India – Gopal Singh

Economic and Commercial Geography of India – CB Memoria

It is easy to become overwhelming with the vast amount of topics to study. However, it is essential to focus your attention on one problem at a time. If you process with your Geography board exam preparation in this fashion then, you are sure to complete your entire course syllabus thoroughly and that too in no time.

These are The Important Tips to score well in the CBSE Class 12th Geography. If any Question is persisting then, please feel free to comment your viewpoints.

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